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Management system

UNECA S.A. it is governed in its operation by the Cuban Legislation, as well as by the international and national regulations of the countries where it operates. It orders its operation through an Integrated Management System, established in correspondence with the norms NC ISO 9001: 2015, NC 18001: 2015 and NC ISO 14001: 2015 certified by the National Bureau of Normalization and Bureau Veritas, periodically revised to ensure its effectiveness and continuous improvement, the full satisfaction of the client, the safety and health of the workers and the non-aggression to the environment. It has a Policy which is communicated and understood by all the workers and its content is reviewed periodically to adapt it to the necessary requirements for the continuous improvement of the management performance of the organization.


The UNECA S.A. has as Integrated Policy to provide Technical Assistance and Workforce services for construction abroad by hiring specialized personnel who meet the requirements of their clients, with mutually beneficial results, establishing integrated objectives, complying with the relevant regulatory requirements, ensuring not to attack the environment and taking actions to mitigate the environmental impacts that may occur. To this end, it guarantees the training and motivation of workers with their functions, as well as their commitment to implementation, operation and continuous improvement through internal communication of an Integrated Management System based on the Standards NC ISO 9001: 2015, NC ISO 14001: 2015 and NC 18001: 2015, anticipating the risks and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the environment where it operates.


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